Winter is pipping in our Delhi. It's a season of Marriage, we called Shade ke Mahena. Our hotel was fully booked for 18 days. Our three Banquets halls are booked and we are entering the in the hall in the morning and went back from banquet hall at Morning. Stewards are sleeping and taking rest under Buffet table, what a life was that time? No time for home, no time for any other recreation, only we are busy to provide service. I was bussy much more because Mr.Rathore put a lot of responsibility on my shoulder.we had three Banquet hall, one is in ground floor name Prithvi, another one is on second-floor name Chandroma,Third one situated on the third-floor name Akash. To manage these Hall and to serve our room guest we have a service lift, We used that spontaneously. The lift has a broad space and a false ceiling there. Our main kitchen situated on the top floor, foods are distributing through that service lift.
That day we had four parties.

All Banquet halls are busy, thirty stewards, six captains, one senior captain and me the Bengali F&B Junior manager's busiest time. The kitchen was busy to making food continuously. They are supplying starters now, Chefs shouting---come on quickly,jaldi Karo yaar party suru hogaya,, stewards are coming to pick up snacks, going fast, cooks are busy, tandoor chefs busy with his assistant for tandoor item. Stewards are running for lift with snacks. Now all of you come with me and I show you a serial, stewards are pick up snacks and go upstairs by lift and under the lift, they are the first test the snacks quickly! when lifting the door opens on the second floor, you see their clean face and smart smile. Under the lift some time they swallow the food for a hurry, no time for chewing. The accident happens for this reason. A steward of our banquet joining our Hotel very recently and he as usual flicking snacks,Chicken wings roast,two pieces he took in his mouth and swallow that because the lift reach in first floor and door open by our G.M.That time I was in Banquet hall,a captain came to me and hissingly said sir, M.R.Rathore call you in his office .Why he called now, its not billing time.

I knocked on the G.M chamber door –“may I come in, sir.”Come in , come in Bhatta(I get this pet name from mr.rathore), see what happen? sala, they are having chicken in lift and chicken haddi blocked in their throat, now neither he swallows nor he vomit! Bhatta immidiately, go to Kamli mai Hospital emergency ward may be the doctor take out that bone piece from his throat.”I take them, they are two ,one is the victim and another one his partner, both are casual staff. We hire them for one-day .we came to the emergency ward and Doctors checked them –listen, it won't be possible to take out the bone easily. Drink water a lot to out that bone. These two ladka shrugging their head, victim's friend said, sir, we tried to drink his soup also but in vain. he did even sirsashan also,no result.The doctor certainly said then we amput his throat ,to take out theBones.

The boy certainly stand up from the stretcher and tried to ran away. We hold him tightly, He was started crying silently.I was fed up, request the doctor-please doctor saab ,do some thing for this,I am here and don’t know what is going on ,in our banquet hall.Ok,Doctor adviced, a lot of Banana give him to eat,at least a dozen .

Then I check him morning 8am.

They bring back to staff room,I report to Mr.Rathore,join again in hall, arrange for him a bunch of banana,and instructed -soumo take care of him,tell him to eat all these bananas, don’t sleep, I will back at morning and again we go to the Doctors,take care.I was busy again in the party.
  Morning we went to Hospital, along with that two Boy.The whole night that boy eating bananas slowly.Doctors waiting with some other physicians, because it's an exceptional case. the doctor call that boy come here, don’t worry, sit on this stools, when the boy sits on the stools, certainly doctor slap tightly on his back, the boy vomit, the sound came out—“Whack’,a more than two inches bones came out with a lot of banana.

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