ganja guruji ki kahani

                                ganja guruji ki kahani

Last thirty years i am working in Hotel industry,two years in Mumbai,Eighteen years in Delhi,two years in Puri,Oddisa,Now i am in Kolkata,my home town.After my graduation ,i did my Hotel Management.Now i want to share of my experiences with all of you.In this thirty years i met alot of
charecter,who were different in their nature and looks.

 New Delhi 1983,i was working in this hotel as a junior F&B Manager.West delhis famous hotel this one.A renowned  Guru ji s programme held in our Banquet Hall.Alarge numbers of gurujis followers are coming to listen from guru ji.Guru ji was 35 to40 Years old,glamours presence,glowing skin,curling and twinkling hairs,shining beards.Asoft heavenly voice,a beautiful smile killing his followers .

Now my M.D instructed me -"Tapas you personally take care of Guruji,He is famous and many more Business mans are his followers,if he is satisfy we get a very quick large bussiness from
them".So i start my duty with efficiency,because i am a fan of Guru ji.He gives Remedies of good health and you know the remedies are to genuine.

To stop hair fall he said---Coconut oil is good for hair.Massage your head with coconut oil before bath taking.Comb your  hair minimum 100 times in whole day,Ritha an aurvedic seeds squize and massage on head.Really we are getting result.our hair was started shining.

Every morning he takes A glass of warm water with honey and lemon nine he takes fruits as his breakfast,at noon ,he takes salads and in dinner -two chapati,plain vegetables and a glass of hot milk.These was his regular menu,I visited his room from lunch time to Dinner time.Said to him Good night guruji,Then i get relief.Guruji Back to Hrishikesh ashram ,tomorrow morning.Every one come to Guruji And take his Blessing.Guru ji asked me when he alone,tapas ,will you come tomorrow morning,iwant  you check out my room,if i left any thing please you keep that and send that to me.sure guru ji ,i will do that.

That night I stayed in staff room and at 4 am i go to Gurujis room,I knocked but it was open ,i entered
,The packing  parcel are collect in a corner,Guruji was in bathroom,Bathroom door is open and i am surprised! who is he?He has no hair in his head,he is totally bald,

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