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Fathers Day

Fathers Day Linked To Aging

Mr.Bakshi was our bar guest.He visit our Bar every Sunday noon,He ordered a large antiquity blue with soda and ice.He ordered another same drinks,Finished slowly,talked with us –Paid his bill with credit card and went out.He has a good personality.We respect him very much.Fathersday linked to aging the story as collecte from his life .We got information,that Mr.Bakshi is an accountant.he has a nice family with wife, son,daughter in law and a grand child.

I looked his Banglo at Tagore garden regularly,because its situated on the side of our office.Mr.bakshis son also came to our Bar at night.He also a nice person w ith good beheaviour.many of our guest was local,So easily we are getting information from them.Mr.bakshi that’s why very much familiar to us.He never blamed us about his sons visit our bar,when some of our guest blamed us for their son drinks habbit,they said- why we entertain their Puttor!
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I am born and brought up in village.So I don’t had any idea that son and father can drinks jointly.I don’t had idea that father can call his son “Bahen*******!Office na jakar Bar mein baitha ho?and he threat us- tum log sale bigar rahe ho,mere bête ko?Inko kaise samjhau ki unke Beta Voter ID dekha ke kahate hai-this is my voter ID,Tapas I am 20 yrs now,Please serve me or I will call my friends.In this environment Bakshi sir and his son was exceptional.I visit my hometown for fifteen days and when join again ,I don’t see Mr.Bakshi or his son,I asked my juniors,what happen yaar,Mr Bakshi was not visited our Bar?sir last ,10 days he is not coming,may be out of Delhi,he is.

 As ususal we were busy with our daily routine and forget about Bakshi family.Certainly a Guest of our Bar,who is very much popular in our Hotel,Mr.Rajnis Khaitan  coming in Bar.Order his drinks and snacks.He asked “hey Bhatta did you listen that,Mr.Bakshis son Pritam throughout his parents from their house.I asked slowly,”sir ,what you say?Mr.Pritam do that.”Yes,it’s the real picture of good boys character,the respect,for his parents.That time we fill pitty for Mr.Bakshi and his wife.

After six months latter---I am driving my scooter to reach office,I had seen a gathering in front of Mr.Bakshis house.I stand my scooter,side of the road and enter in to gathering,saw Pritam ji ,his Wife and his children standing and his neighbours were talking loudly.Mr.Bakshis house main gate was half closed by gate keeper,the gate keeper strongly holding the gate and shouting,”dur jaiye,ander ane ki kosis mat ki jiye?One of his neighbours said loudly-Good,Bakshi ji ne sahi kiye,Bete ko pal pos ke bada kiye 

aur tum ush Budhe Ma Baap ke saath keya kiya?Bukhar mein dawai nehi di,tumhare Biwi gali deke bate karte they,hum to tum hare padose hai,hume sab malum tha.Bakshi aur bhabi ji kitne taklif mein the tum aur tumhare Biwi ke karan.Ma,Baap ko ghar mein chor ke Tum,tumhare biwi aur Bachhey gayethe Kulu Manali ghumne,thik kiye usne,bilkul thik kiye.

  When Pritam, his wife and their children  went to Kulu Manali for a tour,His mother suffering in that time a sereious heart injurious,but Pritam don’t maintain his responsibility.Pritams wife neglect her husbands Parents,so they went for tour.this type of negligency many time occurred by them,intentionally.

This time Mr.Bakshi did it,he sold  his house with in five days in a cheap amount and go to a un-known place with his wife.Pritam when back from Kulu after seven days and entering in their house  with luggage and Wife and son ,a new gate keeper stopped him to enter and said this house was sold out!The conclusion of Fathersday linked to aging, how is it,please comments me.

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