Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Shruggs your shoulder

Shrugging your shoulder

What was the father's name of Mughol Badshah Babur? which year Panipat fight held on? What was King Purus reply.(a+b)2,tanxsec......Narah, Narahru, Nara..H2o means water...
But I listened in my hotelier's job, on my duty hours-" Tapas pour soda and water....Nehi to hang over ho Jata yaar"!,

No connection between which we study with realities. I hard _my English was bad but I got 80 percent marks in Sanskrit. Will you please advise me where shall I use that knowledge?
What you think it's only my head ach? My nephew asked me, he is ten years old"Bade Papa, why I memorized that name who betrayed with Nawab Siraj uddaulla"? Now think about that or shrugs your shoulder.....

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  Now its the main question of our education system. What we are getting from our education system, is that applicable for our professional life, From class one to ten, we are getting and reading a lot of books, task and lecture from our Teachers, Nowadays kids are getting more knowledge from our schools, there are Upper, Lower And pre-class. Is there any subject for our kids to learn about Android mobile? No, but you know they are very talented to use Android phones, even they are much better than you and me, am I right? How they learn all this., think about that.

 I am a hundred percent, Bengali medium student. But I can speak, Hindi, English and Punjabi fluently,i speak Nepali, Odia also. I don't learn all these from my school, I learn it from life. In our flat culture system, kids are learning a language quickly. They are playing with each other and they quickly adopt other languages and cultures. Please try to understand this or shrugs your shoulder and forget about this.

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In reality, you cant match or find any lesson which can help you in your daily life. How you brought up your children, what is the policy for shaving money, how you arrange education loan for your children higher education, Even your children never get any help for their future plan. Education is good but that should be supporting our daily life,to support humanity, to support common people proper knowledge which can help our daily life. Think about this system, If it need change, then start it immediately...

  Shrugging your shoulder...its a simple Nische.