Management and Ticket

      Monthly ticket

It was my study time,I took admission in IIMC for Hotel Management course.St.Xavier's campus was our classroom.In a style, we are talking about that area to others. Chinu my best friend lives in Ashok Nagar, my classmate he was. Now he teaches in a catering college in Salt Lake. Actually, he was an operational Manager of Hotels in Mumbai, but suffering from high sugar and gastric ulcer he quit hotels and preparing Management staff in this Institute.when we came out from our campus and running for our last bus, he shouted-- Tapas, at what time tomorrow you reaching in xaviers....

  I am regularly coming from Andul. First by train then by Bus or by Tram, I reach my Management college. Ma gives me Fifty rupees for monthly ticket and five rupees daily for my bus fare and Hi-tea, no extra money will be provided to me. This heavy amount (five rupees)is precious to me and I am using this money with my controlling knowledge, which is getting from my institute by Mr.Bhar who teaching us  Management Control. I started care of fuly cost cutting in my experience. sometimes I was attacked by def ness, bus conductor asks me three-four times for ticket, then I give him bus fare. Sometimes I was walking from St.xaviers college to Howrah station for good health and the next day, I through tea party to my friends in college cantin.

    Now, I was in contradiction mood this Month, because of an awesome movie released in Jyoti cinema hall. All of my friends were enjoyed that movie, they are discussing in front of us and we are, means -only me and Chinu was not seeing this movie.Chinu provoked me, Tapas at any cost we watched that
movie, otherwise, they spread Gamacksin(a bad odor chemical powder) on our prestige. But how I manage money for tickets? lastly, it's decided that I am not purchasing Railway monthly this month, I spend twenty rupees from there and Manage whole month by without ticket,10 days at least. I managed my southeastern checker and Chinu manage their Eastern railway's Ticket Checker?

  The first time we listen to the Dolby sound system and 70MM movie. That day when we were watching a movie that time what was our filling, I can't explain that. Now when we watching Movie at Cineplex, I didn't find out that fillings, truly. Anyhow, after watching the movie and discuss that scene by a screen with friends, with tea and Chota sutta, a little fear started in my mind...God, please save me from the T.T.I am not worried about today, because I buy a train ticket to day, I am worried about tomorrow when I will be a without ticket then? Nothing bad happens this time, today is the last day of my without ticket life. Tomorrow is the 1st day of the month and Ma give me money for Monthly ticket, so I purchase monthly immediately.

But 1st of the day ,i go by Bus for some reason and when back from college i saw the train standing on platform and just to leave, so i ran to catch the train and i got it.Its a  super fast train,first stopage is Andul.When i am stable in compartment ,i saw there was a bunch of ticket chacker and they guard near the door,they were the chacking ticket.I was panicked,feel nervous for a moment,certainly i got sense and i am calmly go to the bathroom,already there was two,three passangerswho take shelter,i was number three,shut the  Bath room door,but these ticket chakers were dared to fulfill their target.

..So they knock the bathroom door and called to came out us and also they said if we are not out they broke the door also. So one by one we were coming out from the bathroom. They asked where is my ticket?i was holding my expired monthly ticket, its absolutely wet in water, I took that monthly ticket under the bathroom tap water, when its wet, I hold it with my two fingers, hanging in front of the ticket checkers and very politely, I spoke to them--"sir, its drop in to the Bathroom pan, when I was pee........the ticket checker was said quickly," its o.k,o.k, keep it in your pocket and go to your seat."

  My Management skill may be started from that time.