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Travel industry change its nature

Travel industry change its nature
Travel Industry

                                         How Does The Travel Industry Actually Work?

I love to declare that to day, I launched Travel and tour page,for my Web site. Because every star categories hotel has maintaining a travel desk for travel Industry.Madam Sushmita Baghwan Is my guest writer for travel and tour desk.She has at least 40 years experience in Travel industry,I am proud to get her co-operation.She share her valuable experience with us to help us .

The concept of Travel agent is slowly fading away and almost in the verge of extinction travel trade has shrunk because of multiple reason.the main reason is the number of platforms offered through the internet to the consumers directly.The airlines have stopped giving commission to travel agents and more over the air lines are also offering special fares to the passengers through their websites.This zero commission  principal of air lines is forcing travel agents to levy service charge for their survival.

As mindset of most Indian buyers are not open to paying service charge,for the services they take,the buyers count it as their price of the ticket and find it higher than the fare offered by the airlines.thus agents loses their customers.to escape from this,big travel agents commit a secure number of seat sale to air lines and in return bag a special fare from them.as small agency can not venture in this game,they eventually wipe out from the market,but this formula also some time comes as boomerang for travel agents, if the agents fail to fulfill their commitment,air lines levy heavy penalty on them.So when  agents feel that they may not able to keep their commitment,they come down to lowering the fare.and un willingly became catalyst of an un healthy competition.Its pity that the regularity bodies like IA TA,PATA and any of the travel agent association do not have any control over this situation.

 Even  the requirement of VISA has been simplified and can be obtained on line.
 In this market scenario,the internet is the biggest tool by which a consumer get a ticket,a Visa,travel insurance or travel card at the wink of an eye spitting in his or her comfort zone.This pathetic scenario not only slow poisoning an industry,pushing it to near closure and thus burdening the society with unemployment.


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