False and the fact of hotel management

                    False and the fact of hotel management.

False and the fact of hotel management.

I am a hotelier and of course, I want to make a lot of Hoteliers. You are genius, it's my experienced that I have seen in this time your talent and your capability. yes, it's not a compliment, its fact. A lot of carrier opportunity is there. I have started this Blog to share Hoteliers knowledge and hotel industry opportunities and to know about False and the fact of hotel management.

Last 30 years I am in the hotel industry, so you may listen from me the real fact.


!)A hotel management staff is always suited with three pieces.

!!)He is always standing in Lobby with well combed and with a large smile!

!!!)No work only play type is their life!

!v)No sorrow, No pain, no struggle is in their life, because they are a hotelier !!!!


!)Only lobby manager and Front office staff are suited, rest of the Hotel Management staff dressed in their uniform.

!!)There is Lobby, Floor, Kitchen, Admin and the Accounts department in a Hotel and hotel management staff are working there, to run the Hotel and restaurant.

!!!)A lot of daily jobs are waiting for them. They faced a regular problem and they are ready to solve that. Maybe that is the Guest complain or staff problem or goods quality problem. But hoteliers are always ready to solve that with their education, skilled and presence of mind.

!v)They are a human being so they have sorrow, pain, and problem, but guest and you never see that because we are hoteliers!

Now it's clear to you about hoteliers jobs. False and the fact of hotel management. please, if you join in hotels or if your friends join in this industry convey them this blog to get reality; otherwise you join Hotel management and complete that, then you Work in some other industry because of the False and the fact of hotel management. Your preoccupied knowledge helps you to enjoy this Industry. It gives you security in social life, you better maintain your family, You sir, change your whole life through Hotel Management Education, trust me. You are getting love and respect from your guests, from your colleagues directly.

 Hospitality, service, creativity, intelligence is a regular practice of hoteliers. Your personal problems are valueless, you have only the responsibility to give service to your guest, satisfy them through your service and food with beverages.No personal feelings are counted, no personal pains are compared with anyone! This is the False and the fact of hotel management! If you think you are ready to take that challenge, then welcome, otherwise........ much more industry is there to welcome you.

I know it clearly that hotel management jobs attract you very much and you can manage that obstacle, welcome to the Hotel industry, we are waiting for you. In Dubai, there is a seven star super deluxe hotel, those hotel special facilities is-it has an Underwater music system! When you underwater swimming you listen to music. A hotel serves food in the deep forest! Crocodile meat, octopus, Wheel meat, Brain of some animals is also serving only in the hotel industry. A hundred-meter cake made by the hotel industry. Hotel industry serving food to common people as well as to VVIP of the country or foreign countries. Yes, you are the right person who can participate in the hotel industry. The hotel industry is a loveliest and adventures industry in this society. Money is a very common article hear, but many  Magic are there, come on join in the hotel industry.

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