why you want to work in hotel industry

  why  you want to work in hotel industry 

Hi,I am Tapas Bhattacharya of  Kolkata,why  you want to work in hotel industry ,.I want to share with all of my young friends- my 30 years experience of service industry ! If you want to earning from your study time-then join in Hotel industry.Its easy to earn money from that time,because all hotels and catering companies are hiring freshers from institute for a single day and pay good money!Thats your pocket money sirs!



why  you want to work in hotel industry-be cause its gives you job guarantee from campus or from your own connection.Being an experienced hotelier I love to say,there is a lot of vacancy in Hotel industry,through out the year.We are trying to fill up that gap but now a days there is a shortage going on.Excellent food,good salary package,an attractive personality,very quick growth and abroad job opportunity,all are available  to work in hotel industry.

why  you want to work in hotel industry reason no 1)Its makes you a real human being,when you serve your guest its your only thinking to satisfied your guest with your food and with your service.your behavior with your guest must be polite and attractive,these makes you a perfect and attractive Man,reason no 2)You get a lot of attention from your guest and your service popular you quickly.You can see every guest of your Hotel or Restaurant recognize you shortly.Many shy and very common Hoteliers are now very popular in service industry,Its my wish that  you may be the next popular hotelier of Kolkata.


 Money is coming regularly,thats why  you want to work in hotel industry,yes you can earn money in a regular basis ,with your salary package.Either you work in Production or in service area no matter that is.Hotel industry is running with joint game process.So every one is equally liable and responsible to run the operation.If you want to  earn foreign money,go to abroad,there is a lot of oportunity for service and production.


A golden day is waiting for you,Selfmade personality,Economically freedom and a lot of love and passion waiting for you,that s why  you want to work in hotel industry.Be honest your self,take the right way,dint support any illegal activity or dint act badly.This service industry gives you every aspect of your good choice.

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