Saturday, September 14, 2019

old age home


             the granary ashram, old age home

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Having worked in the hotel industry, I found out how much unknown information there is in the world. A very simple aspect of our lives today I will show you. America is very attractive to Indians. Most Indians think - oh, if  I born in America? But that would have been great. No worries about the job. The government used to pay a hand. I just used to lu. In old age, the government again took responsibility, the children did not want to take our responsibility!

We have several bookings in the morning flight. This famous hotel in West Delhi. From 75% to 85% of the room occupied. This guest is a Bengali family living in the United States. Mr. Mukherjee and his wife and children Sion. Vrindavan, Mathura, Haridwar were the travel schedule of their tour. They will be returning to America tonight. I was at the reception. He said - Let's chat Bangla, I said - I'm coming. when my reliever comes to take charge, I am joining with Santu Mukherjee.

The petals were opened -

I live with my family in Los Angeles. My mother used to live with me, mother died three months ago. Dad died ten years ago. Mom was very brave of me. That's why I came to America. Established My wife is an electrical engineer. After two years in America, I got married in the country. Mom and wife come along. My cousins ​​are responsible for taking care of the country house. I send home maintenance of money every month.

All of America is good, but the interests are greater than they seem to be, with their own happiness and benefits. The laws of the country are always busy watching it. A mother and father cannot rule their own child. If you do, then the law of the United States comes to the fore, and so an 18-year-old boy or girl can have sex by law!

When my wife or I were taking the market with my mother, foreign mothers looked at us with amazement. My mother once went to the Omni Market and saw two old men - automatic wheelchairs doing the shopping. There is no one with. The elderly said that the mother was lucky because her son, Bouma, was shopping. Their frustrating words were frightening to my mother. My mother used to tell me back home - 'I would not have taught your greed. 'Greed for power has taught them to leave their own people!
From then on, the mother used to be upset. I couldn't explain to my mother what I was like. Mother left me. I have come to Haridwar to give a bone dissection. We chatted in front of our room, on the roof of the hotel. I was listening to the words of Santu Babu, he said again - Gellum Mathura and Vrindavan from Haridwar.

Look at Vrundavan, where there are thousands of widows who have left their own children. Thousands of women are living to beg. There is no one to serve the sick, no one to give a little water and no one. They are not American, which is the greed of an Indian child?

 Listen to the very demand of the Old-age  Home today? Why are they doing so because of happiness? It is that teach a son or daughter, reform, but do not forget to grow up. The bond of love will be broken into a win-win addiction. '

I remember saying to my mother's phone - 'Why didn't Haram Jada send us money now? Shall we survive the breeze? Otherwise, I will reach your father with you.' I said, 'Come on mother, I haven't eaten your cooked vegetables for many days. I will be at New Delhi station, when will the mother come?'

Yes, we need the granary ashram, old age home ,because--

@1)who don't have anyone to care for them for the old age home is necessary.

@2)who are homeless but have money they need old age home.

@3)Who needs a special care for 24X7, they have required.

@4)who are money less,they dont have any relatives and old they needs--old age home.