Wednesday, July 22, 2020

funny story of travel - tour time in India

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          funny story of travel - tour time in India

I am Kakli Bhattacharya, living in Janak Puri, New Delhi, executive of a travel and tour company. I have been in this profession for ten years. Today I will share with you, funny story of travel-tour time in India, experiences.

When we can travel any corner of the world ,that golden  time , some places in India,when we can fly in the sky, Now  this lock down has stuck to our tour, at least listen to the travel story, the journey is through writing can help you to over come boredom.

We do two types of tours. Individuals and corporate, we also have the service of side port. I got up from New Market in Kolkata. Today I work for the most expensive travel tour company near Mandir Marg, the beginning was to become a guest guide.

I was given a service tour of Bangkok. I have to go to Bangkok with a group of 25 people. All members of the tour are women. Everyone was a member of a political party! The distance from New Delhi to Bangkok was 2940 km and it took about 4 hours and 30 minutes. On this journey, everyone was taking all the compliments that the airlines were giving. One just stunned.

Someone suddenly called me and said that her period has started, if a sanitary napkin can be procured. I knew the airlines were there for emergencies. I told the air hostess, she brought a napkin.

Another member saw this incident, he immediately said he needs sanitary napkins! I called the air hostess again and asked her to give me another napkin. The napkin arrives but the woman does not go to the washroom, she opens the paper, sits on the seat, and falls asleep with her eyes pressed against it!

There is a unique railway station that does not belong to just one state. One part of Navapur railway station is located in Maharashtra, the other part is in Gujarat.The station will cross the Maharashtra-Gujarat border, with a bench on one of the platforms.

Half of the entire station is under Maharashtra and half is under the state of Gujarat. The picture you see on the bench is half in Gujarat and half in Maharashtra. People jokingly say - there is liquor permission on one side of the bench, permission on the other side is just Chakna!

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There are many more stories in this travel adventure. When everyone is locked in the house during this lock down, let's hear the story of the time when we turned around.

Let your mind touch Navapur station in Maharashtra, let Bangkok flight touch. This bad time will pass, new beautiful flocks will come back again, let's share those beautiful experiences till then -
  funny story of travel-tour time in India  keep listening to his travel story.

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