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funny story of travel - tour time in India

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          funny story of travel - tour time in India

I am Kakli Bhattacharya, living in Janak Puri, New Delhi, executive of a travel and tour company. I have been in this profession for ten years. Today I will share with you, funny story of travel-tour time in India, experiences.

When we can travel any corner of the world ,that golden  time , some places in India,when we can fly in the sky, Now  this lock down has stuck to our tour, at least listen to the travel story, the journey is through writing can help you to over come boredom.

We do two types of tours. Individuals and corporate, we also have the service of side port. I got up from New Market in Kolkata. Today I work for the most expensive travel tour company near Mandir Marg, the beginning was to become a guest guide.

I was given a service tour of Bangkok. I have to go to Bangkok with a group of 25 people. All members of the tour are women. Everyone was a member of a political party! The distance from New Delhi to Bangkok was 2940 km and it took about 4 hours and 30 minutes. On this journey, everyone was taking all the compliments that the airlines were giving. One just stunned.

Someone suddenly called me and said that her period has started, if a sanitary napkin can be procured. I knew the airlines were there for emergencies. I told the air hostess, she brought a napkin.

Another member saw this incident, he immediately said he needs sanitary napkins! I called the air hostess again and asked her to give me another napkin. The napkin arrives but the woman does not go to the washroom, she opens the paper, sits on the seat, and falls asleep with her eyes pressed against it!

There is a unique railway station that does not belong to just one state. One part of Navapur railway station is located in Maharashtra, the other part is in Gujarat.The station will cross the Maharashtra-Gujarat border, with a bench on one of the platforms.

Half of the entire station is under Maharashtra and half is under the state of Gujarat. The picture you see on the bench is half in Gujarat and half in Maharashtra. People jokingly say - there is liquor permission on one side of the bench, permission on the other side is just Chakna!

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There are many more stories in this travel adventure. When everyone is locked in the house during this lock down, let's hear the story of the time when we turned around.

Let your mind touch Navapur station in Maharashtra, let Bangkok flight touch. This bad time will pass, new beautiful flocks will come back again, let's share those beautiful experiences till then -
  funny story of travel-tour time in India  keep listening to his travel story.

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Friday, July 17, 2020


         Bharatbarsh me pahela air travel ki exciting.

Unnatishil desho me aate hay Bharat barsh aabhi,yisi liye Bharatbarsh me air travel ki exciting ek aam baat ho gaye,agey desh ke kuch gine chune log hi hawai safar karta tha ,aur aabhi bahut hi aam baat hay Hawai safar yeni Air Travel.

hawai uddan ki pahela exciting

Agar aap paheli bar aeroplane me safar kar rahe ho,to aapko ghabrane ki jarurat hay nehi .Aaj kaal hawai safar bada easy hay,aabhi jaan ke rakhiye safar karenge jab,tab muskil nehi aayega.

Domestic flights India

Bharat ki chotey saher me sadharanat hote hay Ek hi Air port aur Metro city me hotey hay ek se adhik Air port .Mumbai,Delhi ,Kolkata me hay ek se adhik Air port.

Bharat barsh me sabhi sahore me aapko hawai uddan ki subidha milega .Ho sakta hay woh aapke nazdik na ho lekin Air travel ki subidha jarur milega .

Hawai safar ek to hote hay Desh ke ander me aur dusra hote hay bahri desh ke liye.janha se desh ki ander ka udaan hote hay  woh hay domestic terminal aur janha se bahari duniya ki uddan hote hay woh hay International terminal!

Mera pahela job tha ITDC airport hotel ki flight kitchen me.Roz plane ki udna me dekhta tha.ek achcha sa time paas ke jaga tha mera.plan ki take of aur land karna dekhte dekhte mera office ki 45 minute ki break Khatun hota tha.

  1. Bharat barsh me fir kab seLocal train chalega?
  2. Bharat barsh me  rajya,C.M,Rajyapal ke naam
  3. Shiv puran ki kahani padiye

Raat ki Airport terminal to bilkul swapno ki duniya laagta tha.Me jaan bujhe ke night shift leta tha,kiu ki break ki 45minute mera sabse kimti wakt hota tha,fir Delhi Surya me jab job mila to swapna tut gaye!

Domestic airlines in India

Kuch Famous domestic air lines naamhay -Indigo,Spice jet,Air-Asia India,Go Air ,Vistara ,Air India Express aur Alliance Air jaise.

Air travel ke liye aap kisibhi travel tour company ke saath contact kar sakte ho ,wohi aapke hawai safar ki bandobast kar dega nehi to aap khud hi arrange kar logey,inter net ki through .

Aap do taraha se hawai safar ka ticket le sakte ho-1) Off line 2) On line.Ticket booked kiya aapne, date fix hay safar ki,aapke ander chalu hogaye excitement ki daur!

Aapka pahela safar hay,kuch cheese aapko manna hi padega,kiu ki train ki ye Bus ki safar se ,aap ka hawai safar bahut hi alag hay.Sabhi documents aapna saath rakhna hoga aapko.

Ticket,Aadhar card,Voter card,Pan card saath me rakhiye, domestic hawai uddan me aur international uddan me uske saath Passport, insurance aur jis desh me ja rahae ho us desh ki permitted currency
hona chahiye aap ke safar me.

Domestic me passport aur currency jarurat hay nehi.2 ghanta pahele aapko report karna luggage aapke saath me hoga 40kg tak woh free hay,usme check karwake Tag lagaiye thik thak se,luggage khona bada aambaat hay air travel ke samay .

Kam se kam do ghanta jyada haath me rakhke ,ghar se niklenge aap .Raste me jaan jat ho sakta hay!barish ke din hoga to traffic dhire chalta hay aur aapko 2 ghanta pahele report karna hoga air port me, kiu safar schedule ki  ek ghanta pahele hi couner bandh ho jaata hay .

Aapke ticket ke badle me,Airport wale plan me chorne ke liye denge boarding paas.yisi boarding pass ke alaba aap plane me char nehi paoge, aapka ticket aap ka boarding pass milne ka jariya hay.

Jaan lijiye kaunsi terminal pe aapka plane hay,arrey bhai air port staaff aapko sahayata dene ke liye hay unha.plane mila
Usme chariye,Air host aapke seat bata denge baith jaiye.

Candy milega aapko Air lines ki Taraf Se .Hawai safar ki Ticket hote hay-!)Business class !!)Executive Class !!!) Economy class ke .Kiraya Dharan hote hay yisi ke upor hi .Lekin Bharatbarsh me pahela air travel ki exciting sabhi class me hi same hay!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

.Budget tour for this summer.

Budget tour for this summer wriitten by:Susmita Baghwan

Planning to escape the heat 
.Budget tour for this summer.

You may plan a trip to Siliguri , northeastern gateway of India. Siliguri is a perfectly good holiday destination with sufficient things to see and do. Siliguri is a tiny hill station situated on the banks of the river Mahananda .Nestled  between the foothills of the Himalaya and the Doors region of West Bengal, Siliguri deserves a tag of tourist destination , for a short trip. The lush green tea gardens will definitely soothe tired eyes of city dwellers. You can also have an exceptional view of snow clad Himalay from Siliguri. 

like to gift a marvelous summer holiday to your loved one?
.Budget tour for this summer.

Siliguri is well connected by train, bus and even flight. it has direct bus service from Kolkata . Nearest airport is Bagdogra which is 15 minutes drive from Siliguri. If you plan to go by train, then you have to get down at Siliguri Junction or New Jalpaiguri Junction. 

Siliguri is quite cheap. You can get  good hotels like Marriot, Hotel Mayor in a competitive price. You can budget your trip by choosing Home stay which are quite good and traveler friendly. You can try local food which are good or as per your test you can go to Punjabi Kadhai, Hashtag. Local transport such as bus, auto rickshaw available here .

places of interest in Siliguri

There are lots of places of interest in Siliguri.

1. Salugara Monastery -   perfect place if you want to be alone with your thoughts.

2. Bengal Safari Park -  No better place to explore wild life and incredible  natural beauty.

3. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway -  200 years old. a UNESCO Heritage site.. It runs 
between NewJalpaiguri and Darjeeling.

4. Mahananda Wild Life Sanctuary - a reserve forest , home to a variety of flora and fauna.

5.Sepoy Dhura Tea garden - there's not a lot to do apart from enjoying the scenic beauty. 

if you are on a family trip, take your children to Jaldapara National Park. They will be thrilled to see one-horned rhino and will have exciting elephant ride. Jaldapara is 145km away from Siliguri and accessible by road. For that you can take assistance from local tour operator.

If you are saturated with Siliguri, move to Mirik ,another  beautiful destination close by.

.Budget tour for this summer.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Travel industry change its nature

Travel industry change its nature
Travel industry change its nature
Travel Industry

                                         How Does The Travel Industry Actually Work?

I love to declare that to day, I launched Travel and tour page,for my Web site. Because every star categories hotel has maintaining a travel desk for travel Industry.Madam Sushmita Baghwan Is my guest writer for travel and tour desk.She has at least 40 years experience in Travel industry,I am proud to get her co-operation.She share her valuable experience with us to help us .

The concept of Travel agent is slowly fading away and almost in the verge of extinction travel trade has shrunk because of multiple reason.the main reason is the number of platforms offered through the internet to the consumers directly.The airlines have stopped giving commission to travel agents and more over the air lines are also offering special fares to the passengers through their websites.This zero commission  principal of air lines is forcing travel agents to levy service charge for their survival.

As mindset of most Indian buyers are not open to paying service charge,for the services they take,the buyers count it as their price of the ticket and find it higher than the fare offered by the airlines.thus agents loses their escape from this,big travel agents commit a secure number of seat sale to air lines and in return bag a special fare from small agency can not venture in this game,they eventually wipe out from the market,but this formula also some time comes as boomerang for travel agents, if the agents fail to fulfill their commitment,air lines levy heavy penalty on them.So when  agents feel that they may not able to keep their commitment,they come down to lowering the fare.and un willingly became catalyst of an un healthy competition.Its pity that the regularity bodies like IA TA,PATA and any of the travel agent association do not have any control over this situation.

 Even  the requirement of VISA has been simplified and can be obtained on line.
 In this market scenario,the internet is the biggest tool by which a consumer get a ticket,a Visa,travel insurance or travel card at the wink of an eye spitting in his or her comfort zone.This pathetic scenario not only slow poisoning an industry,pushing it to near closure and thus burdening the society with unemployment.